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Titans making final tuneups against Lions

Between the Samari Rolle contract dispute and the use of replacement officials for preseason games, there is another item on the agenda tonight. Set against the backdrop of the final and usually anticlimactic preseason game

Preds, Baptist team up against cancer

New Nashville Predators left winger Stu Grimson has yet to drop his gloves to protect a teammate this season, but he has stepped forward to strike a blow against cancer as the team's spokesman for "Hockey Fights Cancer." More

Vandy's season begins

Conyers and nine other fifth-year seniors, the products of coach Woody Widenhofer More

Splat City Kids Contest

OK, we admit SPLAT! is a silly name for our City Kids page, but SPLAT! actually stands for something. We just don

Death Notices

Bumper sticker silliness

Sometimes bumper stickers announce a point of view (MADD

Boredom buster

Make film canister rockets More

A life lesson learned from a great cowboy

I once figured out how to speak "Tonto," the language used by the Lone Ranger's trusty Indian companion. Of all the languages I've ever tried, it's the easiest. Just drop all articles, definite or indefinite. Forget those "a's" and "the's." Next, drop all use of the verb to be More

City Kids Beat

Everybody has been shy at one time or another. We talked with some pretty outgoing kids at Granberry Elementary who admit to getting nervous when it comes to making new friends. These fourth-graders had some helpful suggestions for getting through those shy times. More


The bag boy thought I was my younger sister's mother today. He casually dropped this bit of napalm in between his impersonation of Christian Slater pushing a grocery cart and fascinating facts about music groups that are three seconds old. "Like, your mom looks almost young enough to be your sister," he said as he slung a bag of cans on top of my tomatoes. More

Shy? Why?

Have you ever been described as a

Kid of the week

According to her parents, teachers and principal, Rachel Lancaster, 9, is just terrific. Even though Rachel was born with a medical condition often referred to as dwarfism, she never wanted to be treated differently. And she fits right into the diversity of Westmeade Elementary School, which hosts students from 32 countries. More

ADA goals, Metro money must find delicate balance

There is no way to say this without someone calling it

Annual herbs brighten your fall garden

Your Neighborhood Gardener - What would be a better way of sending August out with a splash and welcoming the gardening month of September than to plant some annual herbs in your fall garden? We don

City Confidential

Dorinda Carter, baby on the brain. When Channel 4 reporter Dorinda Carter is out on her beat covering stories about local crime, her 19-month-old son Alex is always on her mind. The new mom admits that sometimes it More

It's puppy love at first sight with Miranda

It was inevitable. I was going to fall head over heels in love with one of these animals while writing this weekly column. And this week, Miranda, a German shepherd mix puppy, stole my heart. More

'A Chorus Line' popped up right at the embryonic stages of the

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Calling all Blue Raider fans, Vandy hosts local rocker Will Hoge, Soulbox and a slice would be nice, Guest performers visit Blair School and Paul is 'Live' at Bluebird. More

Mare 'Shout' making bid for championship

Time warp! Tennesse Golf Foundation takes us back to yesteryear

Saturday, Sept. 15 marks the day that the Tennessee Golf Foundation goes back in time. It is on that day that golf returns to its roots at the VinnyLinks Golf Course in Shelby Park. More