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Jurors did the inconceivable; they punished the guilty

It now turns out the same people who are hysterical about the possibility of executing the innocent are also hysterical about the idea of executing the guilty. Unless you are zealously opposed to capital punishment in all cases (except a baby sleeping peacefully in its mother's womb), death row inmate Napoleon Beazley deserves the death penalty. More

Tennesseans could provide a powerful example

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a 1933 product of the FDR years, built hydroelectric dams that stand as modernist testaments to the idealism of the New Deal. However, today with energy demand having outpaced the capacity of these dams, TVA relies upon coal-fired power plants for most of its electricity generation. More

Lottery: a game of chance with a worthwhile cause


Fighting hard for some good pop music

MUSIC CITY MUSE - CD reviews on Five for Fighting's "American Town", Galactic's "We Love'em Tonight (Live at Tipitina's) and Various Artists "Get Low Down!: The Soul of New Orleans '65-'67"

Quality of lake water concerns Belle Forest

Residents of the Belle Forest Condominiums in Bellevue are upset about the water condition of Hubbard Lake, a small natural lake next to the 30-year-old Belle Forest Condominium development on Old Hickory Boulevard. More

City Confidential

Jan Jones, light on her feet. As the CEO of Alive Hospice, Jan Jones deals with life-and-death issues every day. Her organization works to promote comfort for people who are dying as well as their families. To some, it would appear to be a gloomy job, but to Jan, a former nurse, it More

Slow clickers invited to library

The Nashville Public Library is making it as painless and inexpensive as possible by offering 30-minute lunchtime computer classes twice a day on the first Wednesday of every month. First come, first served. The free classes meet at 12:10

Dave Hole wants to take slide guitar to a higher level

There are numerous great blues guitarists active on the current scene, but very few specialize in, or even play, slide. More importantly, absolutely no one approaches the slide like Australian stylist Dave Hole. More

Tailing the campaign trail

If watching Congressman Gary Condit

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Billy Block's revives the country spirit and Comedy song night should lighten up Guido's dungeon.

News Briefs

Here are the headlines in today's News Briefs: Hillsboro recycling reopens Tuesday and Forum's focus on long-term care. More

Public Works to address abuse of debris disposal

Metro Public Works Department officials say they will begin an effort to crack down on tree service companies that fail to properly dispose of wood debris, and leave the city


Public colleges take hard look at spending

The state

Police presence alone with not ensure safety

Since Metro crime statistics were reported last week, there have been a lot of claims for bragging rights.

Bill Covington signs, seals and delivers

Few people are more

Death Notices

Stallion favorites emerge at Celebration

The aged stallions have dueled and two favorites have emerged for the title of World Grand Champion at the 63rd annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.

UT Vols will go 9-2


Young Titans receivers will have to contribute

As the Tennessee Titans try to sort through the seven wide receivers remaining on their roster to see who and how many fit into their plans, one thing is for certain