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Resting at the Laurels

Two little-known family destinations within a few hours of home More

New Richard Wright bio major achievement

"Rowley depicts Wright as an extremely complex, troubled and introspective person who hated racism, but fought against being regarded as a protest novelist. He never sacrificed his art for propaganda, and criticized those he felt were putting the message ahead of their craft." More

Death Notices

News Briefs

Here are the headlines in today's News Briefs: Seminar for caregivers at Belmont Village, Rally against crime at National Night Out, Nashville State Tech offers car seminar and Look into city's future at civic design center. More

Security tightened for legislators' return

The General Assembly reconvenes noon Tuesday with new security measures in place to prevent the sort of howling demonstration that disrupted the last day of session July 12. More

African-American leaders oppose black museum site

Prominent members of the African-American community are voicing opposition to locating an African American History and Art Museum at Metro Center. They say the museum would better serve its target audience in the North Nashville/Jefferson Street area. More

Anti-tax rally draws over 1,000 to Bicentennial Mall

Saturday's lunch rally at the Bicentennial Mall had brought out a large number of opponents of a proposed income tax. We've had people that are coming in from all over the state... to be here to show that they do not want to have a state income tax in Tennessee.

Streak ends but playoff hopes still alive

They came, they saw, and in just seven minutes, the Charleston Battery conquered the Nashville Metros 3-0 on Saturday with Paul Conway's 17th goal of the season leading the charge. More

Titans fans ready for action

The 51, 469 fans who came to Adelphia Coliseum for the Tennessee Titans

Injuries strike O-line

Titans suffered a rash of nagging injuries throughout the line in Friday More

Foreign currency exchange at Opry Mills

International shoppers will have the convenience of home due to a new service offered at Opry Mills. Last week marked the opening of the Foreign Currency Exchange Corporation (FCEC), the leading foreign currency exchange specialist in the Southeast. More

Vols picked to go 10-1

Tennessee is picked to finish in the top 10 by most prognosticators. More

Kats to entertain SaberCats in semis

With the score tied 38-all and the Kats holding possession of the ball just across midfield, Nashville let the clock tick down to seven seconds before calling its final timeout.

Old Madison Library shines

A building no longer suited to house the Madison library is reopening today as the Madison branch of the Davidson County Clerk

Community Impact! gets United Way grant

"Community Impact! (CI), the grassroots organization that advocates for East Nashville youth has been given a $30,500 United Way Grant it will use to employ a program coordinator and further develop its presence in the community." - John Hilley, CI! Director More

80 neighborhoods apply for traffic calming devices

About 80 neighborhoods have applied to be part of this year

Demagoguery is easy; however, truth is hard

It is easy for the talk radio personalities to whip people up about the income tax. With a quick glance at the e-mails I get after almost every commentary I write, it is obvious that Tennessee is hardly a hotbed of radicalism. Since the majority of Tennesseans are conservative by nature (witness the last election), it is easy for the demagogues to play on people's innate fear of change. More

The building of a Bush coalition: amnesty for illegals

The secret to achieving power in today's America is not being the best, the brightest, or the most ruthless. The secret is coalition building; convincing specific blocs of people that you have their interests in mind, that you will favor them. More

Shelby bridge project to take two more years

The completion date for the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge has been moved back one year from the original target finish, with Ray Bell Construction Company having begun the final phase of the renovation project two weeks ago, according to project officials. More

Hermitage center receives funding for parking lot lights

According to Larry Cockerham, planning superintendent for the Parks and Recreation Department, the lights should be up and operating in three weeks. Cockerham said with the continuing effort to add features to the development, the process has been somewhat slow. More