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Police lawyer accused of using false evidence

Metro police officers Jason Beddoe and Mike Mann have accused the head of the department

Neighbors raise awareness against crime on 'Night Out'

"We believe the best defense against crime is to have observant neighbors. It's important to work together." - Chester Hughes More

Area charities receive boost from Titans

The Tennessee Titans Foundation presented $80,000 to 16 area charities

Metros blow out Cincy

Fenger notches hat trick in 5-2 rout of Riverhawks More

Sounds seeking to move into second place

Moody More

Educating lawmakers about the average citizen

Talk radio did not create the scene that took place on Capitol Hill; they simply tapped into an already boiling cauldron of public frustration and government distrust in relation to taxes, spending and government responsibility.

Knoxville HOF inducts two

It will be a proud week for Knoxville Central High School. Tim Irwin, former University of Tennessee and Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman will be inducted into the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame. He attended Central in the mid-1970s. Steve Searcy, another Central product, is also going into the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame. Search was an All-SEC pitcher for Tennessee and played parts of five seasons in the Major Leagues.

Kats prepare for haunting from Phantoms

The Phantoms, the Eastern Division champions, moved into Friday night's quarterfinals game at 7 at the Gaylord Entertainment Center with the Southern Division champion Kats by way of a 64-57 home victory over the high-powered New York Dragons. More

Bellevue historic association seeks to renovate first cabin

The Bellevue Harpeth Historic Association hopes to raise $85,000 for the reconstruction of the historic Belle Vue I by November. Belle Vue I was the first cabin built in Bellevue and gave the community its name. More

Jack in the Box may add site at Charlotte

Jack in the Box is negotiating to purchase property at White Bride Road and Charlotte Pike for a new restaurant. They have eight locations in the Nashville area and five more sites are under construction. The newest additions will be in Nashville, Franklin, Gallatin, Clarksville, and Hendersonville. More

Event to benefit dental non-profit

The event will raise about $20,000 to benefit the services of the Interfaith Dental Clinic, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable dental care to low-income, working families who do not have dental insurance.

Upgrade of HVAC may lead to rebate

Metro Councilman Lawrence Hart will introduce, at the Aug. 7 council meeting, a resolution that he hopes could lead to the rebate of up to $500 of property tax payments to Davidson County homeowners who upgrade their heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. More

Lipscomb gets $150,000

Lipscomb University has received a $150,000 grant from The Memorial Foundation of Goodlettsville to provide three years of operational funding for its Center for Character Development. More

Stem-cell research is merely the newest 'cure-all' craze

Nobody ever heard of this incredibly important research on human embryos until 10 minutes ago. Yet everyone makes believe he's known about the undiscovered bounty in human embryos forever and talks about it with real moral indignation. This whole debate is a hoax designed to trick Americans into yielding ground on human experimentation. More

Weekly Reminder

July 30 - August 3 - Here are the headlines in today's Weekly Reminder: Debuggers Zap Appetites, It's not too hot to plant, Cool use for muffin tins and Sail away.

Apes, golf among week

The Arts & Entertainment Network begins a week of Biography programs spotlighting the film Planet of the Apes tonight. Each segment airs at 7 p.m. The first show repeats a profile of Charlton Heston, while the Tuesday program is a new episode spotlighting the film

DVDs present clear choice

New DVDs for the films Pollock, Snatch and The Art of War provide fans with crystal-clear content choices. More

Cute-as-a-bug towels

Finally wrangle that weekend invitation to a friend's beach house? The staff at my magazine has the perfect gift to present to your host: customized hand towels. More

Tricks, gimmicks and common sense to keep from overeating


Chef's choice

A new take on grandma More