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Death Notices

Charlie Neese

Code prevents Bellevue rock business operation

Further investigation showed that Tennessee Stone Products was operating a rock business, which would require heavy industrial zoning...

News Briefs

Here are just a few headlines in today's News Briefs: Insects the buzz at Warner Park center, St. Lawrence Church set for 119th barbecue, and Free health screenings offered by Skyline.

Tuscany offers promise of often-missed pleasures

Tuscan Italians are vigorous, engaging, histrionic and courteous. Tuscan food is wreathed in an aura of simplicity and high pleasure. The wine is inexpensive and primo. The landscapes are dressed in silkened billows, hiding many treasures, treasures easy to miss in the hype of the travel guides. More

Shoney's scholarships recognize local students

The students were recognized Thursday at a fund-raiser golf tournament at the General More

The show ends for Nipper

The projector will go dark for good on Sunday at the Nipper

Current zoning favors new wholesale nursery

Calloway had applied to have her property at 8340 Highway 70 S. rezoned from residential to agricultural. Metro

No amount of money replaces the basic three R's

CITY SPEAK - Today's teacher with the aid of computers, calculators and all the books they need can't seem to manage to teach kids to read, much less do math or history. Instead they blame too many kids in a class or not enough money for their failure.

How more money improves education programs

But the haunting question remains: In how bad a shape is Tennessee More

No polygraph raises questions in police probe

Their own department, which recognizes the value of polygraph examinations as an investigative tool, never chose to use the tool that could affirm either the validity of the charges or the officers

Noel Coward haunts the Nashville Theater Company

The trouble and the fun began when Charles Condomine, an affluent and unsuspecting writer, found his life turned upside down when his first wife ignores More

Rivers Edge residents fear greenway will bring crime

Homeowners in Rivers Edge, a housing development built by Fox Ridge Homes, have begun a petition asking that the walking trail slated for the land at the backs of their properties be nixed or rerouted to the other side of the river because it will bring crime to their neighborhood.

Sundquist: Spending not a problem for state

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines from today's City Picks: Blair children's concert tonight, Free orchestra concert Saturday, Frist costume workshop Saturday, and Build your own instrument. More

New Metro Web site designed for citizens

Metro government is redesigning its website to be more user-friendly. It will even carry a new name, instead of the old namesake, More

Additional officer, more patrol cars for Belle Meade

Binkley announced at the Belle Meade Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday that the department now has 15 white identical police cars. Each car is equipped with a police video system that Binkley requires the officers to use on each stop. More

Two minutes to fall in love

Meet and greet for a good cause at the Singles Mingle, scheduled for this Sunday at Quail More

Argument of a lifetime

Clarence Darrow must argue for justice, against the blood lust of the American public. Darrow More

TSU Theater evolves with 'Bourbon at the Border'

Tennessee State University