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Automotive teachers learning new transportation technology

"Automotive technicians are part of the country More

Donelson Christian expands school in four stages

Donelson Christian Academy will be under construction for most of this school year as the second phase of a four-stage project continues. More

Codes, lawyers' causus work to ensure rights of tenants

Kemper said his group could have an impact on landlords in a way the Department of Codes does not.

New Jacksonian units open soon to residents

Rochford has taken pains to reproduce the old Jacksonian as closely as possible, using many of the materials from the old building in the new one. More

Intelligence and learning can

To determine the standard of education by test scores alone is shortsighted and somewhat risky.

Chandra Levy case strains logic of nastions' feminists

What bugged feminists was that 30 years ago men had affairs and everyone thought it was cute; whereas, women had affairs and they were sluts. More

Kats cut ticket prices for playoffs

Sounds mission is to stop Burroughs, Beavers

The Beavers More

Sounds reorganize front office administration

AmeriSports, which owns the Nashville Sounds, promoted chief financial officer Glenn Yaeger to chief operating officer last week, with one goal in sight and perhaps other forthcoming changes. More

IRL provides thrills, danger

Now fans have the chance to see "up close and personal" this exciting form of racing. It's unbelievably thrilling More

Giaffone happy with unexpected success

Giaffone, a relative unknown prior to this season, enters the race tied for third in points with Eliseo Salazar. They trail points leader Sam Hornish Jr. by 92 points and are only 32 points behind second place Buddy Lazier.

Metros take on Wolves

Nashville Metros players and head coach Brett Mosen hope a five-game home stand that begins tonight at 7 with the Connecticut Wolves can lead to less introspection. More

Driving to put the brakes on breast cancer

BMW and Komen Foundation to sponsor Ultimate Drive fund-raiser this weekend More

Come on, get happy

Star comic Richard Lewis to shed some light on his dark side More

Plastic surgery, Dave Ramsey gives credit its due

Dave Ramsey, Nashville More

Things to do

Guitar Night at the Wildhorse Saloon, OpryFest Bluegrass Jamboree, Exotic birds swarm Fairgrounds just to name a few.

Tahoe, Tahoe, it's off to Yonkers we go

'Jurassic Park III' and 'The Score' are heavy hitters

Sequels are the inevitable byproduct of today

Try something different every night at Margot

Conversely, Margot McCormack, chef and partner of East Nashville

Karl Denson juggles styles