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Council talks ethics, Wallace listens

Vote on 2% flat tax could come today

Bradford, Equitable execs form new investment firm

More locals drafted

Belmont, Vandy players picked in later rounds More

Defensive backs out to impress


Parent club should shift attention to Sounds

Kats bracing for quarterback on Rampage

Vols hate losing to Gators

One nation indivisible, with liberty, justice and rules for all

Sometimes appreciation

When a neighborhood becomes more desirable, the law of supply and demand means that property values are likely to go up. More

Death Notices

News Briefs

You gotta have a theme

Without some direction, relatives are going to buy you what they want you to have More


Beyond buttered popcorn

Brian Gordon, the new executive director of the Nashville Independent Film Festival, has high hopes for the Nashville film community More

City Picks

Theater wrap-up

From Miss Marple's to Chaffin's Barn, local theaters offer diverse entertainment

City Picks

Jazz hasn