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Starting pitching a boon for the Sounds

Young Bisons surprise contenders

Kats' coach meticulous

Brazelton overcomes injuries to shine

Metro bill would give employees a 'living wage'

CMT bows to Music Row heat

Writer credits on videos to resume within two weeks More

NAC 7 streamlining operations with grant money

"We're projecting we will be able to see more people; we will have less paperwork, and we'll have more accountability." - Louise Burgess, Family and Children's Services More

Condos to blend in with Sylvan Park community

Nashville native crucial to negotiations with China

Amtrak may return to state

"I am very confident we will see something this year." - George Warrington, Amtrak CEO More

Residents ready for end to Douglas Avenue project

There's no place like your own new home

When life imitates art and art saves humanity

I do not think it a fruitless exercise to search for the good in humanity depicted in cinematic art or to think about how we could have made things better. More

Ponder mounting drive for term-limit change

"Two terms is not enought. It takes the better part of the first term for orientation. (Council Members) are going from an orientation term to a lame-duck term." - Phil Ponder, Metro Council , District 12 More


Home Depot supercenter planned for Nashville site

Reissues spotlignt unique talents

The Rev.Gary Davis played more fluidly and executed more intricate patterns using two fingers than many current guitarists can envision using superior equipment and playing with a pick. More

What are you driving?

Mad music making Downtown this summer

Predators end season two games uner .500