Downtown hotel project developers get a mulligan

Late yesterday, developers seeking to build a hotel along Lower Broadway took a step toward making the project a reality, a smaller one than originally proposed. More

Copyright bill may burn songwriters

Nashville songwriters, desperate for help to combat illegal downloading, likely don’t stand to get much assistance from the state Legislature when it comes to copyright infringement on college campuses. More

Dave Says

Dear Dave, I’m curious as to how you feel about the government’s stimulus tax rebate plan. Our household income is over the maximum income amount to receive the rebate, so we’ll be getting nothing but the bill — again. It seems that those who will receive this money are encouraged to do nothing but spend it. Does this bother you, too? —Keith More

Roundabout office building gets green light

A new office building near the Music Row Roundabout could begin rising late spring or early summer. More

News analysis: When both sides want to call the shots

The battle over church property on Charlotte Avenue is the latest one between developer and neighborhood to wrap up. More

The Chatter Class: Preds deal? On whose Authority?

For Nashville Predators fans, this business with the new lease for the Sommet Center has been a painfully slow process. More

Executive Appointments

CMT promotes pair to senior directors More Smith is county’s new assistant D.A. general Balfour group announces tech planning director Lasley appointed to trust advisor Weber joins CIC, Inc. as development director AGA announces Curtis certified finance manager

Grocers’ association seeks bill to allow wine sales in stores

The absence of wine in Tennessee grocery stores has transitioned from common gripe among citizens to an organized movement to do something about it. More

Dave Says

My husband and I divorced a few months ago, and I got custody of our children, ages 12 and 17. I’m lucky enough to be debt-free, and I own the house we’re living in, which is worth about $350,000. I also have $160,000 in savings, and we receive $1,200 in child support every month. More

New office development set for Village

John Nelley and Al Buckley made their mark on Nashville real estate as partners in building millions of square feet of warehouse and single-story, flexible office space. More
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