Connecting generosity with need

For Penny Carroll, accurate information on nonprofit organizations is essential. More

How to handle problem employees

This week's tip addresses the hand-wringing, heart-stopping dilemma you face when deciding what to do about an employee who needs to go but who you suspect (or know) will cause trouble for your company. More

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Conversation with a leader

Decosta Jenkins, president, Nashville Electric Service More

The Maberta falls as 3102 rises

Say goodbye to a dear old friend. More

Executive Appointments

Ingram Book Group names Seitz and Crabtree VPs More Rhyne named LifeWay's chief financial officer more ...

Men get chance to Flip at consignment store

One of the newest clothing stores in Middle Tennessee is a bit of an oddity. More

Tinseltown, Tennessee

Although Johnny Cash built most of his career in Tennessee, the Hollywood biopic of the late country music star was almost filmed in Louisiana. More

How '05 predictions look at mid-year

Now that we have passed the halfway point of the year, it seems a good time to revisit the predictions we made at the beginning of 2005 to see how they have played out. More

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