A conversation with a leader

NAME: Ann Teaff Head of School, The Harpeth Hall School Hometown: Hardinsburg, Ky. Date of Birth: July 16, 1947 Education: Fontbonne College in St. Louis, Vanderbilt University First Job: Front desk clerk for a lodge in a Kentucky state park. Last Charitable Act: I wrote a check for Women Against MS.

Closely consider a career change

A common complaint heard in the American workplace is,

Real-world branding

It doesn

Legal listings for 02-01-2005

Real estate More New corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal listings 1-31-2005

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal listings

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Executive appointments

Lynette A. Gillis, M.D., has joined the faculty of Vanderbilt University Medical Center as assistant professor of Pediatrics in the divisions of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition and medical genetics. More

Goals needed for career, life

Just like planning for a trip, determining what direction you want to take in your career is extremely helpful in reaching your desired destination. More

Eclectic entrepreneur funnels business energy

His business card reads

Watkins students learn about the art of giving

Artists have a responsibility to society or, at least, that is one of the hands-on lessons being taught at Watkins College of Art & Design. More
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