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A time to reflect

With the new year in full swing, a lot of folks are in the process of changing certain habits. For many, it's a time of reflection. A time to step outside of themselves and look inward in search of a higher self. More

Executive Appointments

Batten & Shaw adds Speirs, Blackwelder Peterson receives mentor award Nashville RBI Announces 2004-2005 board of directors more ... More

Take restrictive work agreements seriously

Executives and professionals moving to new positions or to new employers are often asked to sign restrictive agreements or covenants as part of the employment process. These contracts generally seek to restrict information an employee can divulge to outside sources or to limit potential competition in some way. More

One-piece monitoring system redefines prison industry

Having put in time behind desks in the private prison industry, a couple of seasoned corrections veterans have turned their sights toward the heavens. More

A conversation with a leader

Thomas Bryan Conner III, Monster Labs Inc., president, CFO and founder More

Legal Listings

New Corporations More New Businesses

NFIB fights for small businesses

While running interference for America

Sweets-maker tastes success

E. Gayle O

Habitat HomeStore thrives on donations

Support from donors and shoppers have made the 1-year-old Habitat HomeStore so successful that it is able to fund the construction of a house by its parent organization, Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity. More
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