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Much of the 1960s and

Tantalizing talk about 2006 U.S. Senate race

Tantalizing political tidbits are starting to emerge as 2006 and the end of Sen. Bill Frist

Funeral of flawed person brings unexpected hope

Inspiration can sometimes be found at a funeral, and not just when the deceased has achieved fame. I recently attended the funeral of Leonard Davis, the father of childhood friends. The Davises were different in our neighborhood because Mr. Davis was an alcoholic. And he was the kind of alcoholic that heaped personal hardship and public shame upon his five children and his long-suffering wife. More

Letters To The Editor

To comment on a City Paper story or local issue, send us a typed letter 100 words or less (with zip code and a daytime phone number for verification) to:, or Editor, The City Paper, P.O. Box 158434, Nashville, TN 37215. Letters may be edited to fit. There is no guarantee letters received will be printed. More

Minority numbers to rise without racial preferences

Both my sister and brother went to graduate school at the University of Michigan. They intently followed arguments this week before the Supreme Court concerning their alma mater's race-conscious admissions practices. More


While much of the world waits to see what kind of transitional government the coalition forces set up in Iraq, many may have missed the fact that quite possibly Iraq

Fair, balanced coverage? Dismiss Geraldo Rivera

It's one of the bloodiest battles of the war so far. And it doesn't even involve any U.S. soldiers. It's the battle between MSNBC and FOX over Peter Arnett and Geraldo Rivera. More

Look out for Corporate America's Most Wanted

When it comes to learning from its mistakes, Corporate America has fallen off the rehab wagon more times than Robert Downey Jr. Exhibit A is HealthSouth. Last week, another high-ranking executive at the nation's largest provider of rehabilitative health-care services pleaded guilty to cooking the company's books. More

Bredesen, Cohen need to find quiet compromise

The lottery debate currently raging between Gov. Phil Bredesen and State Sen. Steve Cohen is all about politics, despite Cohen

Democratic Party makes creepy French connection

Last Wednesday, right around the time U.S. forces were wading into the thick of the battle, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, called for a halt to the war: "Rescue this nation from a war that is wrong, that is unjust, that is immoral." More
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