High-tech war technology gives U.S. edge, certainty

Early March, Mrs. Williams and I abandoned the snow and the cold to vacation in Panama City, Fla. We savored the hospitality of our many friends, not to mention several fresh fish dinners served at Captain Anderson's restaurant and at the homes of our friends. More


As we write this, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and HCA are sitting down at a table at Vanderbilt University with a mediator to discuss the renewal of the insurer


The so-called peace protests that occurred around the country again last weekend clearly have a lot of organization and financing behind them. The same printed signs turn up at every protest. Parade permits are obtained, and orchestrated communications efforts make sure the media is well informed of their events. All very well-coordinated

Travel magazine poll boosts, baffles Nashville

Last week, Travel & Leisure

Act to impede the death penalty of Abdur

I write to request the intervention of people of good faith in the case of Abu-Ali Abdur

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Commend our troops, but keep questioning the war

So here's the dilemma: For six months you argue against the proposed war in Iraq. It's unnecessary, it's unwise, it's even dangerous. And then the president of the United States ignores your advice, as well as that of America's oldest allies, and decides to go war anyway. What do you do? More

Time and patience: two items for wartime success

The impatience of the news media

Give embedded reporters a dose of tolerance

Sorry we

Corporate America deals up the post-Saddam spoils

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in Iraq. Yes, I know that as I
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