Bush can call war

In one last attempt to drum up support for war in Iraq, the White House is wrapping itself in the divine. More

Both sides of issue make United States great

The protests against the war with Iraq in Nashville haven

Without capitalism, we

We've all seen gasoline prices rising. Is that good news or bad news? Congress could enact price controls and "odd and even" days for gasoline purchases like they did in the 1970s. More

Lawyers should defer to parents in Smart case

When does the public

Antiwar forces distribute outrageous disinformation

Hiram Johnson, the great California senator, famously remarked: "When war comes, the first casualty is truth." And so it is with the coming war against Iraq. But it is not the Bush administration that is speaking untruth to justify military force against Saddam Hussein's rogue regime; it's the antiwar minority. But no lies are more outrageous than the following: More

Iraq conflict not as simple as

In the 1950s, I grew up watching John Wayne in World War II action movies on local television.

Letters to the Editor

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Are you with us or are you against us?

As President Bush's vaunted "coalition of the willing" continues to shrivel, the coalition of those Americans willing to challenge his obsession with invading Iraq continues to grow. More

Seeds of U.S. hatred planted for years to come

You think the world hates us now? Just wait. More


Over the last year, a number of antiwar arguments have taken center stage. It's a war for oil, a war to distract from the economy, a war to boost the president's ratings or to avenge Saddam Hussein's attempt to assassinate the elder Bush. And now, it's the Jews. More
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