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Flying high halfway through term, Haslam stays above fray, political land mines

Haslam's nonconfrontational style makes him hard target, especially without sign of serious opposition More

Weekly Obsession: How did Campfield’s welfare bill make it past GOP censors?

Bill has been widely panned for making spelling and algebra, quite literally, life-or-death matters More

Haslam takes unscheduled trip to D.C., likely to talk Medicaid expansion

Gov. More

Haslam rejects TennCare expansion under Affordable Care Act

Governor says he's researching alternative to buy private health insurance for 175,000 low-income people More

Weekly Obsession: Goodbye Med Mart, you served your purpose

Was Metro ever fully committed to trade center idea or was it just useful idea to keep Council's questions at bay? More

Haslam rejects federal partnership in running insurance exchange

Haslam decided in December the state would not run the health insurance exchange on its own More

Haslam: No decision yet on Medicaid expansion

With a large portion of the budget devoted to Tenncare, Haslams still studying options before accepting federal funds More

Haslam to focus on education, tax cuts, fiscal restraint in State of State

Governor tells reporters he still hasn't decided whether to expand Medicaid under Affordable Care Act More

Booted GOP leader fears legislators risk getting 'Maggartized' by special interests

Debra Maggart lost to newcomer after interest groups poured in more than $100,000 to unseat her in primary More

VU poll: Social issues matter more to legislature than public

Of those surveyed, Gov. Bill Haslam receives a 68 percent approval rating   More
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