Banana Republican: The story of financial schemer Jeff Cassman

Former Franklin businessman awaits sentencing after being deported from Guatemala More

Ponzi schemer preying on church members

Franklin financial adviser allegedly ripping off members of his church More

Good deeds and illness don’t help jailed conmen

Judges deny early release appeals from convicted swindlers More

Convicted con men claim health, good deeds should set them free

Fraudsters say they need better medical care, shorter sentences More

Prosecutors say despite safeguards, financial scams remain prevalent

A federal grand jury indictment of a man accused of mortgage fraud may be seen as a crime of the times and could not be repeated in 2010, but a variation of it may be on the rise. More

'More money is taken by pencil than by pistol'

Defense attorney and fraud examiner work to recover billions of dollars that go missing each year… many times taken by trusted employees More

Rex: Government watchdog takes government grant?

Rex finds it fishy that journalists need basic computer training; there was something smelly at the State of Metro address last week and other tidbits Bobby Joslin and Buck Dozier More

This type of PI — U.S. Postal Inspectors — delivers the goods

Postal inspectors act as private investigators whether tackling Ponzi schemes, wire fraud or suspicious packages More
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