Viewpoints: Life for Liz just isn't fair

Writer says that if Elizabeth Edwards has been negative or harsh as has been reported recently, her actions are certainly justified. More

That's Racing: Heed Tiger’s travails

It’s amusing to hear celebrities who earn millions by being famous complain when their fame becomes a pain More

Commentary: Hold that Tiger… accountable

Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised by Woods. Marriage is a contract, and we’re dealing with athletes who work to renegotiate or get out of contracts all the time. More

Post Politics: Do all powerful men cheat on their wives?

Kleinheider wonders if a wandering eye goes with the territory in politics and counsels legislative leaders to keep their members under wraps before they start a real culture war More

Why is infidelity a part of the pro sports lifestyle?

Is it power, money or just opportunity? Former players and their wives offer their takes on the culture of infidelity. More
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