Martin Kennedy

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes that the educated hard working, faith-based man with a PhD that is Martin Kennedy is too good for the Board of Education, which he sought a position leading.  read more »

Post Politics: Nashvillians need their truth candy coated

Martin Kennedy says he wants to change things for the good for public schools, but until he plays the game of politics, his audience isn't ready for him, writes Kleinheider.  read more »

School board candidates claim horse-trading preceded appointment

Kennedy opponents say early talk of front-runners meant back-scratching deals were in the works  read more »

Council faces tough school board choice

There are doubts as to whether west Nashville councilmembers can come to a consensus for District 9 replacement  read more »

School board hopefuls grow in number

A new name enters the fray with the potential to achieve frontrunner status  read more »

More candidates emerge for vacant school board seat

MTSU economics professor, Commerce and Insurance director join list of hopefuls  read more »
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