Burch: Let the bigotry and chauvinism games commence!

If bigotry and chauvinism were Olympic sports, some Tennesseans would be medalists More

Burch: White House or Waffle House?

Romney’s contradictory comments suggest he either lacks firm convictions or refuses to make them known More

Burch: Mr. Inappropriate

Less-than-world-class Romney threw shadow over opening ceremonies, left Brits feeling slighted by “ugly American”   More

Burch: A season for the ages

R.A. Dickey’s career has been as unpredictable as his signature pitch   More

Burch: Independence Day madness

How long can Americans afford to serve so many insane masters?   More

Burch: Conserve this!

How is it possible that Tennesseans keep electing people who seem to be intent on ruining our state? More

Burch: One step forward ...

The Southern Baptist Convention seems to be parting ways with most of the modern world More

Burch: Mitt snit

Remember what happened last time we elected a president who looked the part?   More

Burch: Killing Nashville teens

Should young Nashville girls risk physical harm because American conservatives derive their “morals” from Moses? More

Burch: American Hessians, or Overlords?

With U.S.-Iran war unpopular, bill seems to pass buck to Israel More
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