Post Politics: Why not a President Corker?

Kleinheider thinks that Sen. Bob Corker would like to be President one day and doesn't see why that can't be some day soon More

Post Politics: Will Lamar save the GOP from the extremists?

Kleinheider wonders why our senior statesman has not taken a stronger stand against the excesses of modern right-wing rhetoric More

Post Politics: Unseating Cooper is a fool's errand

Kleinheider argues that a national progressive blogger's quest to have Rep. Jim Cooper challenged in a Democratic primary is a waste of time More

Post Politics: Why conservative blacks seldom become conservatives

A troika of online conservatives rebuke a black woman for the unorthodox methods she used to teach her son to respect law enforcement More

Post Politics: Do all powerful men cheat on their wives?

Kleinheider wonders if a wandering eye goes with the territory in politics and counsels legislative leaders to keep their members under wraps before they start a real culture war More

Post Politics: Rosalind Kurita for governor?

How a late entry into a muddled Democratic gubernatorial field could change the game and redeem the Democratic Party More

Post Politics: State Senate could get extreme

Three state house members looking to get 'upped' could change the character of the state senate More

Post Politics: Long shot gubernatorial campaign gets a little longer

Kleinheider argues a hat trick of setbacks towards the end of legislative may have cost Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey his opportunity to capture the Republican nomination for governor More

Post Politics: State Democratic Party truce could work

A truce in the Tennessee Democratic Party between TNDP Chairman Chip Forrester and the "establishment" will test the strength of a party in flux. More
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