Weekly Obsession: Getting past the wine, and whine, on Capitol Hill

Purchasing wine alongside bread is TN’s legislative zombie, back every year only to be killed, resurrected More

Wine-in-groceries bill killed in House committee, could resurface

Before House speaker could cast deciding vote decision fell 8-7 in House Local Government Committee More

After deflecting controversy, Haslam finds himself in legal battle over DCS records

Replacing Kathryn O’Day is a first for Haslam, and situation is one of his first major controversies More

Embattled DCS seeks $8.6M budget increase

Bulk of proposed budget would come in increases in payments to parents who adopt or foster children More

DCS officials say context is important when looking at 31 child deaths

Data shows 4 children died in DCS custody, 10 died with DCS case file open and 17 died after a case closed More
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