Senate Republicans reject tighter background checks, ban on assault weapons

Tennessee Sens. Alexander and Corker both vote against key bipartisan Toomey-Manchin amendment   More

Burch: The South's sordid secret

State militias sanctioned by the Second Amendment were almost certainly slave-control militias More

Booted GOP leader fears legislators risk getting 'Maggartized' by special interests

Debra Maggart lost to newcomer after interest groups poured in more than $100,000 to unseat her in primary More

'Radnor Lake Rambo' loses appeals court ruling on guns in parks

The 6th Circuit determined that the park rangers acted reasonably by disarming Embody and did not violate his second or fourth amendment rights. More

Pair of high-profile primary fights affirms power of Diane Black, NRA

House GOP Caucus chair Debra Maggart ended up on wrong end of NRA's Political Victory Fund More

'Radnor Lake Rambo' sees state suit shot down in chancery court

Leonard Embody says he'll appeal decision that claims were without merit, failed to show infringement on rights More

In firearms-friendly state, gun lobby finds limit in advocating Second Amendment rights

Increasingly irritated lawmakers eventually cut the Tennessee Firearms Association out of negotiations More

General Assembly preps for another round of cultural battles

Legislature’s social conservatives open session by taking aim at gays, the Ten Commandments and gun laws More

Legislators demand right to keep handguns in locked cars

Compromise bill dead; lawmakers seek broader reach More

Chancellor declares guns in bars unconstitutional

Bonnyman accepts plaintiff’s argument that new law is too vague More
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