Notice of appeal filed in Campfield libel lawsuit

Campfield, a Knoxville Republican, blogged before the 2008 election that he had heard candidate Roger Byrge had multiple drug arrests More

Judge dismisses libel case against Stacey Campfield

Campfield blogged in '08 race that Roger Byrge had drug arrests, later determined to belonged to Byrge's son More

Weekly Obsession: How did Campfield’s welfare bill make it past GOP censors?

Bill has been widely panned for making spelling and algebra, quite literally, life-or-death matters More

Plan to drug-test welfare recipients presses on despite potential legal roadblocks

State attorney general's office issued two unfavorable opinions on measure, but Hurley and Campfield push on More

The Backpage: Stuff Stacey says

Sen. Stacey Campfield achieves new heights in 'causing a stir' More
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