Q&A: Harwell talks fallout, Ramsey says he became ‘Boogeyman’ at end of session

Legislature's two speakers talk about end-of-session tension, how they are now, and how next session will be More

With deadline looming, Haslam weighs state’s role in Obamacare

GOP majorities stuck between not wanting to have anything to do with Obamacare and local control of program More

Appeals court upholds voter ID law, drawing mixed reaction

Decision overturns lower court’s decision on validity of library cards but upholds decision on constitutionality    More

Some see possible state amendments as unnecessary

Critics of proposed amendments, which would head for a vote in 2014, say they're just meant to rouse GOP’s base More

In election year, Republicans hope popular accomplishments bolster their majority

Gov. Haslam’s agenda seeks to give Republicans something to run on in fall elections More

Battle over teachers' bargaining rights led to this legislative session's most raucous debate

By killing collective bargaining for teachers in public schools, the GOP went after a longtime Democratic ally More

Legislature's conservatives want Court of the Judiciary overhauled

Judges counter by saying court can reform itself More

State's new GOP majority reveals factions competing over social, economic issues

Republican leaders attempt delicate dance to appear focused on jobs while appeasing social conservatives More

Tea Party wants state to join proposed compact aimed at health care reform law

Beavers, Ramsey support effort that would require Congressional approval More
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