Southern Baptist conference center sold for a dollar

Trustees agree to sell troubled 2,400-acre Glorieta Conference Center to new nonprofit corporation More

Southern Baptists call for ouster of Boy Scouts leaders over admitting gays

While resolution doesn't recommend Baptists drop ties with Scouts, it expresses support for those that do More

Southern Baptists re-elect first black president

Delegates request task force to look into alternatives to Scouts, now that Scouts have agreed to allow gays More

A decade on, Southern Baptists adapt to new role, smaller influence

"Ten years ago they were passing constitutional amendments against gay marriage. Now they are watching states approve gay marriage and they have no control over it," Emory's David Key said. More

500 years later, theological debate still simmers, splitting Southern Baptists

What may seem an arcane controversy between Calvinists and others has become very heated of late More

Southern Baptists shrink for sixth straight year

Annual report by Lifeway Christian Resources says there were 105K fewer Baptists in 2012 than year before More

Southern Baptist site blocked on some military bases

A defense department spokesman said Thursday  that the problem seemed to be with the commercial software the military uses to protect its network More

Richard Land to retire as president of SBC's ethics commission

Weekly radio broadcast cancelled after reprimand by SBC in June for "hurtful" comments about Trayvon Martin case More

Burch: One step forward ...

The Southern Baptist Convention seems to be parting ways with most of the modern world More

Burch: Land’s lost at sea again

It seems “religious freedom” only applies when it suits the SBC’s purposes More
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