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'City Paper' history marked by strong readership, instability

With a revolving cast of management, paper was never able to attain profitability More

George: The Tennessee fire

At the northwest corner of Public Square, the center of daily life in downtown Murfreesboro, there is a lectern made of translucent, weatherworn plastic. More

George: Guns rights and wrongs

The last time I fired a handgun was a few months before I moved to Nashville, which was in January, and the last time before that was when I was a child, probably just short of the teenage years More

George: Long gone away

Three times this year, Muslims in Tennessee have announced plans to build new mosques, which are worship centers akin to Christian churches or Jewish temples. More

George: A more pleasant and livable city

Every day in Charlotte, N.C., some 16,000 people ride the Lynx, a 15-station light-rail system that has revolutionized transit in the once-sleepy banking city. More

George: Paying for it

Metro Councilman Jim Gotto has the right idea More

George: How do you measure worthlessness?

It costs Tennessee taxpayers more than $24,000 a day to send our legislators to the Capitol to debate and, one imagines, pass laws that benefit the majority of the citizenry. More
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