Supermarket wine supporters tout new study

Study says if alcohol consumption remains same, higher share of wine use would result in fewer traffic deaths   More

Burch: Dark matter detected in Tennessee!

Dark matter may hold universe together, but in Tennessee it seems more likely to make things fly apart More

Commentary: Pass the Beer Tax Reform Act

Under proposed tax Tennessee would still be the highest beer tax state in the country, just much less so More

Carr bill aims to prevent feds from enforcing U.S. gun laws in TN

Former U.S. district attorney says such a bill all but guarantees a court challenge More

Up for Debate: Diminished Democrats

'The City Paper’ asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More

In election year, Republicans hope popular accomplishments bolster their majority

Gov. Haslam’s agenda seeks to give Republicans something to run on in fall elections More

Nashville to remain in single U.S. House district

New version of the 5th to lose Wilson, include parts of Dickson and Cheatham counties. More

Whitehouse: Give ’em the boot

'Nashville way' preferable to 'Capitol Hill way'  More

Senate committee approves bill requiring voters use photo IDs

State elections coordinator supports Republican effort to reduce voter fraud More

Casada wants to keep cities from extending nondiscrimination policies

Bill would prevent municipalities from creating laws that require contractors to have nondiscrimination policies More
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