Tennessee Supreme Court hears arguments on voter ID law

Civil rights attorney George Barrett represents Memphis, which last year dispersed library cards as photo IDs More

TN Supreme Court agrees to hear Secretary of State's appeal on voter ID ruling

Court also ordered election officials give regular ballots, not provisional, to voters using library IDs More

Days before election, state Attorney General's office asks Supreme Court to hear voter ID appeal

Three-judge panel Thursday agreed with lower court that state’s much-debated voter ID law is constitutional More

Appeals court upholds voter ID law, drawing mixed reaction

Decision overturns lower court’s decision on validity of library cards but upholds decision on constitutionality    More

Court of Appeals hears arguments on state voter ID law

At issue is whether an ID card from the Memphis library is sufficient to be able to vote More

Up for Debate: Is there a need for enacting Voter ID laws?

'The City Paper' asks readers to weigh in on an issue of the day. More

Poll worker fired after incorrect photo ID protocol leads to missed vote

Despite new voter ID law, election officials said there were few hiccups in implementing requirements   More

Up for Debate: Obama administration blocks Texas voter ID law

'The City Paper’ asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day   More

Lincoln Davis sues state, claims he was 'unlawfully purged' from voter rolls

Former state representative estimates 70,000 purged voters in state might have been in same situation More
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