Weekly Obsession: On the dim future of newspapers in Nashville

Nashville doesn’t need to rid itself of newspapers; Nashville newspapers need wealthy benevolent benefactors   More

Weekly Obsession: As our ‘It City’ reign closes, what will we do with our It-ness?

Is Memphis the new ‘It City’? Is our reign over? Are we destined for the scrap heap of 'hipstory'? More

Weekly Obsession: The disturbing optics of Haslam and Tom Ingram

Ingram insists he's not lobbyist but consultant, and doesn’t need to comply with state’s rules on lobbyists More

Weekly Obsession: Rumors? I’ve heard a few. Let’s put them to rest

Some thought new ice rink would go to Bellevue Mall, but clearly that's targeted for new high school/library/Ikea More

Weekly Obsession: Want a better Metro? Cut the size of the council

Only two cities in the country have larger councils — New York and Chicago More

Weekly Obsession: A fake conservative vs. local school boards

Williamson Co. geography textbook draws attention suggesting Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complicated   More

Weekly Obsession: Enjoy Music City Center, Nashville — you bought it

Like it or not, we're stuck with this 2.1 million-square-foot hyper-stylized SoBro guitar   More

Weekly Obsession: Keep your New South, I’ll be up on the Hill

Find me sunburned, stumbling when the starter sends them speeding in the Iroquois Steeplechase More

Weekly Obsession: Thank you Sen. Niceley, please adjust your tinfoil hat

Niceley’s proposal wasn’t about federalism or state’s rights but ensuring Right Type of Republican elected More

Weekly Obsession: Haslam chooses Ayn Rand over Edmund Burke

Republicans have shown despite what governor says, it’s not 'least among us' they care about but largest More
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