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Regionalism talk has been… well, just talk

Suddenly, there’s been more talk of regionalism, communities working together for the common good of the whole. It’s the rising-tides-lifts-all boats notion. More

Bad December for automakers

General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. said U.S. auto sales fell in December, capping the worst year in a decade, and predicted that 2008 probably won’t be any better. More

Dave Says

Dear Dave, I’m single and 30, and I want to know how I can build a credit history in order to get a home loan. I’ve never had any kind of payments or debt, but a mortgage broker said that in order to get a loan or be pre-qualified I’d have to pay extra since they’d have to do my credit report manually. — Nancy More

The Chatter Class: Rolling with riverfront redevelopment

Every New Year’s brings the desire to look back at the previous year to gauge what will or should happen in the next. More

The Chatter Class: What will it take to transform Bellevue Center?

Foursquare Properties’ closing on the purchase of Bellevue Center and adjacent properties over the past few weeks wasn’t a huge surprise. More

Jobless rate up in November

The Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of Davidson County and neighboring cities showed the state’s highest jump in unemployment for November. More

Shopping surge can’t salvage slow-growing holiday sales season

Target Corp., Macy’s Inc. and Lowe’s Cos. fell Wednesday in New York trading after a weekend shopping surge failed to salvage the slowest-growing holiday sales season in five years. More

Dave Says

Dear Dave, I think we should save up and pay cash for things we want, but my husband says he doesn’t want to work all the time and not have anything nice. He’s always going out and making expensive purchases on credit and pushing us deeper and deeper into debt. I don’t know what to do. Sandra More

The Chatter Class: Developers scurrying to snatch up gulch properties

A decade ago, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who dared to consider redeveloping property in or near the railroad gulch at the western edge of downtown. More

Buyers snatch high-value Brentwood properties

Different buyers snapped up two Brentwood commercial properties over past couple of days in transactions that could reach nearly $75 million. More

The Chatter Class: Saying Tennesseans hunt is like saying they watch football

Guess what? Tennesseans spend gobs of money on hunting and fishing stuff and, because of that, employ untold numbers of people. More

Dave Says

Dear Dave, We’re in the process of building a house. There’s no need to take out a mortgage, because we’re in the top tax bracket. We could pay for it all out of pocket, plus we have no debt. But our financial advisor says we should get a mortgage anyway, invest the money into mutual funds and get a great tax deduction. Does this make sense? More

Approval of Bellevue mall financing plan may be delayed

Despite the fact that Metro Council members expect the $180 million deal to expand the Bellevue Center Mall to close as early as today, the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee on Monday stuck a potential wrench in the spokes of the project. More

The Chatter Class: Tiba moving from mall

Beauty spa Tiba de Nuhad Khoury is closing its doors in The Mall at Green Hills after nearly 25 years there. More

Developer looks toward Mars and back

Frank Mars got fabulously wealthy selling his Milky Way candy bars during the Great Depression, a twist of irony since he’d gone bankrupt a couple of times before striking it rich. More

Sale of CMT building should close today

The sale of the prominent Country Music Television (CMT) building is expected to close today, according to sources in real estate. More

Dave Says

My father owns a lot in town and recently received a notice that there is a property tax lien against it. Are any of the penalties associated with this lien negotiable? More

The Chatter Class: Lang move good for Preds

The Nashville Predators’ new ownership announced big changes to the team’s leadership. More

Nashville finally feels housing decline

Nashville’s residential real estate agents are feeling the slowdown in home sales. More

The Chatter Class: Only economic constants are yin and yang

The economy is in the tank. The economy is not in the tank. Or, it’s not as bad as some thought but it’s not as good as others want, so therefore it’s still bad. Got it? It all depends on one’s perspective. More