Metro schools to open Monday

Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 11:19pm

The Metro Nashville Public Schools system sent notice to parents today that it will reopen for teaching on Monday, May 10, after a week of closures caused by the recent flooding.

School officials say all students are expected to report to school Monday, although those unable to do so because of the floods will be marked as excused absences.

Transportation of students will obviously be a complicated matter on Monday. MNPS expects a quarter of its usual bus routes, 137 of the total of 530, to be affected by road closures and other consequences of flood damage. It wants students whose usual stops are reachable by bus to wait at their usual times and places.

For others, the system will be staffing its customer service center on Sunday from noon until 5 p.m., and again starting at 5:30 Monday morning. Personnel reachable at 615-259-4636 can help with bus issues as well as the needs of displaced families — such as changes in school enrollment , registration for free or reduced-price meals and assistance obtaining school clothing.

"All parents need to be aware that travel time to and from school in affected areas may be longer than normal," a statement on the MNPS website said. "Please plan accordingly. Parents are also encouraged to stand with younger students until they board the bus," it added.

Magnet school students who normally depend on Metro Transit Authority buses will find MTA services limited, the statement warned. It suggested magnet families impacted by the situation consider carpooling.

The school system's statement also sets out policies for dealing with students flooded out of their homes. Rules pertaining to school transfers, textbook losses and standard school attire, among other issues, are to be interpreted liberally.

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