NWS confirms tornado touchdown near Rivergate Mall

Monday, May 10, 2010 at 6:12pm

While many Nashville area residents are cleaning up from last weekend’s historic flooding, others may have experienced damage from a small tornado that touched down the same weekend.

Metro Fire Chief Stephen Halford said it may have been lost in the aftermath of the flooding, but the National Weather Service confirmed an F-1 category tornado touched down in the Rivergate Mall area. Officials are still evaluating the damage.

The death toll from last weekend’s storms remains at nine. A homeless man found dead Monday was thought to be storm related, but police later determined his death occurred more recently.

Two Davidson County residents remain missing, Halford confirmed.

The missing persons are 39-year-old Danny Tomlinson, last seen in a vehicle last Saturday in Bellevue, and 18-year-old Daniel Brown, who was last seen with friends at Mill Creek.

“Our recovery efforts will continue,” Halford said

The number of calls to police related to looting has increased to 72, with the department making a total of nine looting arrests. All cases have involved individuals attempting to steal from the front yards of flood victims.

According to Nashville Electric Service CEO Decosta Jenkins, power has been restored to all but 300 to 500 properties. That’s down from 44,000 outages at the height of flood-related outages. He said downtown’s power network has been completely restored.

Even though some properties have had power restored, it doesn’t mean they’re capable of being re-energized, Jenkins cautioned, due to property damage.