Officials telling Nashvillians to conserve water

Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 9:25pm

Officials with the Mayor's Emergency Operations Center are advising residents to conserve water after the city was forced to close the K.R. Harrington Water Treatment Plant due to flooding. 

An announcement Sunday evening said the water from your tap remains safe to drink; however, officials are concerned that it might be in dwindling supply as floodwaters begin to subside in the coming days. 

Mayor Karl Dean took an air tour of the county earlier this evening. He said the four areas hit hardest by flooding are Bellevue, parts of north Nashville, Lebanon Road east from downtown, and the Antioch neighborhood.  

“This situation is going to require a very large a recovery process,” Dean said. “After getting an aerial of the county, the magnitude of the damage to our community was much more than what I expected from watching the media coverage. The safety of some of our infrastructure is questionable. Again, I would urge residents to stay home tonight and tomorrow. Even after the rain stops, we will need the roads clear to assess the damage and get Public Works crews dispatched to begin repairs.”

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By: bowronfam3 on 5/2/10 at 7:55

How do we find out where to go to be involved in the clean up process tomorrow?

By: EThomasWood on 5/2/10 at 8:07

bowronfam3 -- Hands On Nashville is coordinating volunteers via this link:

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