Schools closed Wednesday, may not have to make up flood days

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 2:51pm

Administrators at Metro Nashville Public Schools are prepared to ask for an exemption from the state that would allow the district to bypass school cancellations caused by the weekend of flooding.

They also announced that schools will be closed for a third straight day on Wednesday. 

During the snowy winter, the district used up its allotment of permissible schoolday cancellations built into the calendar, forcing Director of Schools Jesse Register to add 30 minutes to each school day for the remainder of the year.

The unexpected school cancellations could force the district to get even more creative, but the hope is to be excused.

“We are making an appeal to the state right now,” said Fred Carr, assistant superintendent at MNPS. “Since so many school districts across west and middle Tennessee are affected by this, we’re making an appeal to the state for forgiveness of these days.”

Carr said he hasn’t heard an answer from the state.