WATER: Metro reserves continue to grow

Monday, May 10, 2010 at 12:47pm

Bottled water, dirty laundry and fewer showers appear to finally be paying off.

According to Metro Water Services Director Scott Potter, Nashville’s water reserve supply is operating at 88 percent of its capacity. At its lowest, reserves had been measured at 37 percent of its operating capacity.

“The conservation efforts by the citizens of Nashville has been very successful,” Potter said.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Potter said Nashvillians need to continue to limit their water use until the K.R. Harrington water treatment plant, which had been submerged by floodwater, is functioning again. He said the process should take a week at minimum.

Potter said repairs at K.R. Harrington are going well, but several daunting tasks still remain: Walls within a 9 million-gallon tank must be pressure washed; electrical circuits require cleaning; filters have to be replaced; and the plant’s chemical feeding system awaits repairs and testing.

When the plant is fixed, the water’s quality must be tested and approved by the Tennessee Department of Energy and Conservation, as well as an outside authority.

“Once everyone in the regulatory community is convinced the water is safe, and once I’m convinced the water is safe, we’ll place that plant back online,” Potter said.

In the meantime, Davidson County residents will continue to receive all their tap water from the Omohundro water treatment plant, the city’s lone operating treatment plant.


Also, bottled water distribution continues today from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Use of bottled water for drinking and cooking greatly assists with conservation of the city’s water supply. Metro is only allowing two cases of water per vehicle. 

Hands On Nashville, the organization coordinating flood relief volunteers, reported Monday morning on Twitter that it is still looking for volunteers to pass out water. It also said it has thus far logged some 30,000 hours of volunteerism from across the Nashville community. 

Here are the bottled water locations: 

· Nashville Fairgrounds at 500 Wedgewood Avenue

· Antioch Middle School at 5050 Blue Hole Road

· Bellevue Middle School at 655 Colice Jeanne Road

· Pearl Cohn High School at 904 26th Avenue North

· Bailey Middle School 2000 Greenwood Avenue

· Two Rivers Baptist Church at 2800 McGavock Pike