Cubes and relatives

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 1:00am

When Pablo Picasso introduced Cubism to the art world, he unveiled a new way to look at reality. Years later, Albert Einstein introduced a new way to think about reality when he wrote his theory of relativity. Both breakthroughs, while unrelated, suggest the same thing. One is art. The other, science.

Cubism is a style of painting that depicts a three-dimensional "something" on a two-dimensional plane, but from several viewpoints. Ever stood in front of a six-way dressing room mirror? There is only one you, but the different panels of reflective glass allow you to observe yourself from multiple angles. So what you actually "see" simultaneously is what several others might see individually if they were gathered around you.

This is the principle of Cubism. It is also one of the key insights of Einstein's theory of relativity. He claimed that the true nature of a "thing" is unique to an observer based on her/his location in time and space.

So what does all of this mean to you and your business? Why is this important?

Your success is directly linked to the quality of your customer experience. Which is to say that your "brand" is somewhat of a Cubist work. Or, as Einstein might say, relative.

Your brand exists in the mind of the masses and is the sum of every experience had by anyone who has ever come in contact with that brand. Your brand's strength is determined by how much the number of positive experiences outweighs the number of negative experiences. These experiences include face-to-face and telephone interaction with your employees, your Web site, all of your advertising and promotional materials, and the proverbial word on the street.

According to two of the greatest thinkers of all time, the true nature of your business lies in the collective experience of your customers and your prospects. Thus, it is paramount for business owners to control these experiences by delivering pleasurable, life-enhancing experiences at every point of contact between them and your brand.

Do you know the true nature of your business?

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