Extreme penthouse makeover creates hype for downtown urban living

Friday, April 28, 2006 at 1:00am

Living downtown, while hugely successful and trendy in other cosmopolitan markets, is a relatively new phenomenon in Nashville.

The penthouse began with this two-story hand railing, which designer Kathy Anderson compared to ones normally found in a sterile "fire stair."
This solid wall of the master bedroom obstructed the downtown view.
The kitchen, as first designed, was a separate room, closed off to the living room except for the bar opening.
Only the location of the staircase remained the same. Work is in progress to close the area below the stairs and replace the handrail with one that was custom made from hammered wrought iron metal.
Work has begun to cut out a hole into the master bedroom wall to create a window.
Workers install the customized railing, and glass now fills the master bedroom's window.
The bar wall has been torn down and replaced with a butler station, which allows the kitchen to be open into the living room.
Construction continues on the staircase. Photos courtesy of the Downtown Partnership.

To take the mystique and unknown out of this new dwelling alternative, developer Tony Giarratana teamed up with the Nashville Downtown Partnership and created Project Penthouse, a penthouse extreme makeover.

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