Take a look at who's buying and selling Nashville's most expensive homes

Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 1:00am

1004 Liberty Church Trail, Brentwood

April is the Area 10 month, it seems. That's the sector on local Realtors' maps that encompasses Williamson County, where seven out of last month's top 10 Middle Tennessee home sales took place. Area 2, the "Golden Triangle" that includes Green Hills and Belle Meade, accounted for the other three.

Buyers this month include two NFL linemen (only one a Titan), as well as the usual assortment of entrepreneurs, executives and other professionals.

Information about the agents on these sales was unavailable this month. "Headline Homes" always tries to include the names of Realtors involved with the deals it covers. Agents who are involved in large sales are welcome to send info to headlinehomes@nashvillecitypaper.com.

Largest single-family home purchases recorded in Davidson and neighboring counties in April 2009, ranked by dollar value:

1. 1004 Liberty Church Trail, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: J. William & Amy J. Anderson
Sale price: $2.82 million
Builder/seller: Gary Robert Tallman Jr.

With more than 9,200 square feet of living space on three-and-a-half wooded acres, this is one ample abode. Features include a home office and studio, a mother-in-law apartment and a gourmet kitchen. At $305 per square foot, it's also the most expensive house on this month's list by that measure.

2. 291 Jones Parkway, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Scott D. & Julie C. Wells
Sale price: $2 million
Builder/seller: Lesley Properties Inc.

Former Brentwood Academy and UT football star Scott Wells is the starting center for the Green Bay Packers, having inked a five-year, $15 million contract extension in 2006.

The Wells family's new 15-room mansion in the Annandale subdivision includes a wine room, laundry rooms upstairs and down, a covered terrace in back and two oversized garages that hold two cars each.

The house sold after three months on the market, originally priced at $2.245 million.

3. 1090 Stockett Dr., Franklin, 37069

Buyers: Frank William & Catherine M. Snodgrass
Sale price: $1.96 million
Sellers: Kevin L. & Jodi E. Corsini

4. 1205 Waterstone Blvd., Franklin, 37069

Buyers: Mark A. & Nancy E. Barrett
Sale price: $1.48 million
Sellers: Samuel N. & Glenna T. Hazen

This 7,000-square-foot home in the ultra-upscale Laurelbrooke enclave spent 169 days on the market before finally selling at a 20 percent discount to its original listing price of $1.85 million.

Mark Barrett is president of BancCard of America in Nashville. Sam Hazen is a senior exec with HCA.

5. 9206 Sheridan Park Court, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Mildred E. & Richard T. Darragh
Sale price: $1.35 million
Sellers: Robert W. & Vanessa A. Forbes

6. 211 Third Ave. S., Franklin, 37064
Buyers: Marcia A. & Jesse N. Franks III
Sale price: $1.2 million
Seller: Deer Creek Construction Inc.

This is a place you have probably cooed over at some point in your life, and your great-grandpa may have done the same. Built in 1867, it's one of the old homes that give downtown Franklin its distinctive character. Deer Creek has done a complete renovation of the house.

Jay Franks is a real estate developer, while wife Marcia is the principal broker/owner of Franklin Realtors.

7. 900 20th Ave. S., 37212 (unit 1707, The Adelicia)
Buyer: Shane Witherow
Sale price: $1.1995 million
Seller: Adelicia Development LLC

Another penthouse unit in the Adelicia went for the same price last month.

8. 210 Lynnwood Blvd., 37205

Buyers: Franklin G. & Kristin S. Locke
Sale price: $1.195 million
Sellers: Claude Lee Ferrell III & Alison Russell Ferrell

This 1920s Tudor home in Belle Meade fetched $285 a square foot after two months on the market.

9. 4812 Post Road, 37205
Buyer: Cornerstone Investment Inc.
Sale price: $1.053 million
Seller: SunTrust Bank

Ouch. In filings related to former owner John T. Rankin's bankruptcy, SunTrust says he owes it more than $3 million. Looks like the bank just got one third of its money back in the sale of Rankin's only listed asset.

This Hill Place mansion was on the market for $3.75 million last year, when John Rankin and wife Tracy owned it. SunTrust bought it out of foreclosure for $1.66 million in January.

The Rankins divorced shortly before real estate developer John Rankin declared bankruptcy in November, listing debts of $73.2 million. He had been involved in a huge waterfront project in Ashland City.

10. 5604 Saddlewood Lane, Brentwood, 37027
Buyer: Jovan Haye
Sale price: $1.05 million
Builder/seller: OMT LLC

This five-bedroom, four-bath home spent 328 days on the market before it sold. It's located in the gated Sheridan Park subdivision.

Haye is a defensive end signee with the Tennessee Titans after playing the better part of the last three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Haye played his college ball at Vanderbilt.

Stephen R. Hough is listed as chief manager of OMT.

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