A time to reflect

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 1:00am

With the new year in full swing, a lot of folks are in the process of changing certain habits. For many, it's a time of reflection. A time to step outside of themselves and look inward in search of a higher self.

Our hope is that some businesses might consider their advertising habits.

Perhaps this is the year you will take an outside-in look at your advertising and see if some adjustments could be made to better differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

If you are committed to spending your marketing budget effectively, here are seven points of consideration that could help improve the performance of your advertising while setting you apart from your competition.

1. Does your advertising praise your product? Or does it praise what your product does for your customer?

2. What kind of promise are you making to prospects? Does your competition make the same promise? What other promises can you make that will set you apart?

3. Are your staff members echoing your advertising message? Do they help you deliver on your promise to your customer?

4. Do you have a system in place for collecting customer feedback? Does your advertising answer the questions that are in the mind of your customer? Or are you answering questions no one is asking?

5. Do your ads deliver value? Does the ad itself provide new information that is useful to your prospect?

6. Is your message consistent across all media? Does your TV, radio, print, Web site, e-mails and sales collateral express who you are with the same tone and language?

7. Do your ads have enough frequency to stick in the mind of the prospect?

Considering these points, reflection can be difficult. It can also be very rewarding. There's nothing like a good long look in the mirror to bring things into perspective.

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