VU takes tech to marketplace

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 1:00am

The development and transfer of new technologies and intellectual property to full-blown commercial success is an important goal of Vanderbilt University. So much so that the school has established its own department to help promising ventures developed by its faculty reach the marketplace.

Below are some of the early stage biotech companies created by Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty and helped by the university's Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development. Vanderbilt has invested in all of them.

Tyra Tech LLC
Develops more effective and safer insecticides using natural substances and focusing on cellular receptors.

Pathfinder Therapeutics Inc.
Creates a system for image-guided liver surgery, with metastatic disease being the main target.

Nephrogenix Inc.
Uses proteomics and genomics to develop unique compounds to treat kidney disease.

Valeo Medical Inc.
Developing the first blood test for the diagnosis of Endometriosis.

CUE Biotech Inc.
Focuses on interrupting action on the inside of G-protein coupled receptors to develop drugs with fewer side effects for heart disease, mental illness and cancer.

The purpose of the Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development (OTTED) is to connect technologies developed by Vanderbilt scientists, engineers and physicians with the commercial sector through various means.

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