29-year-old charged with homicide in killing of homeless man

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6:57pm
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Christopher Crowley

The Metro Nashville Police Department charged 29-year-old Christopher Crowley Thursday afternoon, alleging he shot and killed a homeless man in downtown Nashville hours earlier.

Police charged Crowley with criminal homicide in the killing of Robert Mitchell, 41, that happened just around 3 a.m. across the street from police headquarters at Third Avenue North and James Robertson Parkway.

According to police, security cameras at the headquarters captured footage of a car driving the wrong way on James Robertson Parkway. The individual got out of the car for a few seconds, got back in and sped off. A witness told police he heard a gun shot around the same time.

Security tapes revealed a license plate number of the car and police tracked it back to Crowley. MNPD officers took him into custody at 5 a.m. outside his Brandywine Apartments home off of Edmonson Pike in South Nashville.

MNPD detectives are also checking to see if Crowley may be involved in other unsolved shootings downtown, including the 2009 murder of Edward Matthews on a downtown bench.

Police are asking people with information about Crowley to call MNPD’s Homicide/Cold Case Unit at 862-7329.

Crowley was held in jail on a $250,000 bond.

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By: whitegravy on 10/30/12 at 11:39

damn fool......gonna murder someone on camera (strike 1), going the wrong way on a one way street ( strike 2), in front of the police station ( strike 3)......can anybody be that dumb????oh wel, he wil be in prison with the other dumies