Abducted infant found alive and well in Alabama

Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 1:18am
Staff Reports

Seven-day-old kidnapped infant Yair Anthony Carillo was recovered around 10 p.m. Friday in good health from a home in Ardmore, Ala., Metro Police reported.

The woman suspected of abducting Carillo, Tammy Renee Silas, 39, is in custody in Ardmore and is being questioned, according to detectives working the case. Silas was being held in the Morgan County Jail pending charges, according to police.

A break in the case came Friday as a task force of Metro Police detectives and special agents from the TBI and FBI developed strong information on the Kia Spectra seen Tuesday afternoon following Carillo and his mother, Maria Gurrolla, from the parking lot of Wal-Mart at Nolensville Road and Harding Place.

Police now say Silas reportedly rented the vehicle from the Nashville Airport the same day. Silas is from Ardmore.

Metro Police on Thursday had released a sketch of the suspect in hopes the public can help locate the woman believed to have abducted the infant after attacking Gurrolla with a kitchen knife on Tuesday and fleeing with the newborn.

Police did release a Wal-mart surveillance camera photo of a dark-colored Kia Spectra that parked next to Gurrolla’s car while the mother shopped there Tuesday. Police had said the driver of the Spectra might have followed Gurrolla to her house.

The car appeared to have an out-of-state license plate, said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said at the time.

According to reports, Gurrolla and the assailant became involved in a physical struggle before the assailant found a small knife in the house and turned it on the mother. Gurrolla was stabbed nine times, police said.

At no point did the suspect show any interest in the boy or say she planned on taking him, the mother said. The child was on the sofa during the struggle. Gurrolla fled the scene for help, and when she returned the baby was gone.


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By: idgaf on 10/3/09 at 4:01

Glad they found him alive. What is this world coming to?

By: 020885 on 10/3/09 at 9:28

I'm glad the baby is ok. But seriously what mother in their right mind would run away and leave their child with a crazy person that just attacked them....

By: WE231 on 10/3/09 at 2:37

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
INS, I have come to arrest you.
Well, okay, come on in, stranger! It's just me and my kids here........

Waiting for the rest of the story.

By: xcop on 10/3/09 at 6:19

Very glad that the baby was found and is safe. However, I have a few questions:
How did the perp know when the lady had the baby? Where did she get her info? Who passed information to her? Who was she calling to say "it is done"? How did she get through Nashville airport, board a plane and land with an infant without so much as someone checking the veracity of her story? How did she manage to keep it 'secret' from everyone where she lives for four days (aside from the story of adoption, newborn 3 day old babies aren't typical).
Obviously, there is more to the investigation and it will be interesting to see what other arrests will be made.

By: lowready on 10/4/09 at 1:00

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the State removed the kidnapped child and the mom's three other kids "purely for safety reasons" after "Making arrangements for Gurolla to see her baby and hold him" (quote from Rob Johnson of the Department of Children's services.) They then took all four of her kids.
I too await the rest of the story-----how come I had to get this from a CANADIAN news source?