Amtrak may return to state

Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 1:00am

Amtrak President and CEO George Warrington visited Nashville Tuesday to discuss possible restoration of Amtrak passenger service to Tennessee. The company cut service to Nashville in 1979.

While railways in Europe garner 22-28 percent of the transportation dollars there, the United States allows for only four-tenths of 1 percent for its railways, according to Warrington.

He said factors involved in bringing his business to Nashville would include discussions with the owner of CSX Railroad about track usage fees and also an understanding of revenues and passenger demand necessary for the improvement.

While a typical Amtrak train travels 79-90mph, Warrington said the High-Speed Rail Investment Act of 2001, which has been introduced in the Senate, could help produce trains traveling in excess of 150mph.

He says the current lack of railway funding is a

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