Antioch High student arrested in golf course murder

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 6:55pm
Staff reports
Christian Walters

Metro Police have charged a 17-year-old Antioch High School student in the fatal shooting of Dontrell McFadden last Wednesday on Nashboro Boulevard near Long Hunter Court.

Christian Walters, of Rambling Road, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at school. Police say he admitted firing shots at McFadden after the two exchanged "gang-related gestures."

McFadden, 21, of Murfreesboro Pike, was walking toward an apartment complex to meet friends when he was shot at 3:20 p.m., police said in a release.

McFadden was transported to Southern Hills Medical Center where he died.

Walters faces criminal homicide in Juvenile Court.

Police say additional arrests are anticipated.

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By: NGNG34 on 10/14/09 at 7:34

As soon as the police determine a killing or other crime is gang related, where both the perpetrator(s) and any and all victims were members of gangs, they should cease investigating. Savages join gangs in order to better commit crimes. They have in effect forfeited any right to justice or police protection when they are victims. My heart warms when I hear a gang member has killed another gang member, as that is one less savage that will kill, rob, rape, or otherwise victimize an innocent person.

By: total_kos on 10/14/09 at 8:13

And I bet you sing the loudest at church while you call yourself a Christian

By: frank brown on 10/14/09 at 8:32

I guess the boy was not involved in any extra-curricular activities at Antioch.

By: real_frank_brown on 10/14/09 at 10:47

Thanks for using my name to make sarcastic comments about someone who killed another for being in a rival gang.

Why dont you give me your name so I can post under it, as you do with mine?


By: sidneyames on 10/14/09 at 2:31

By: total_kos on 10/14/09 at 9:13
And I bet you sing the loudest at church while you call yourself a Christian
To total: YOu know even Christians make harsh statements. I think the poster was trying to say that one gang member negated another one. Gangs are a growing part of our society; stopping them -- one way or the other -- is probably a good thing.

Real Frank, maybe the Frank Brown is really another Frank Brown. Have you googled the name Frank Brown? Not exactly an un-common name, you know.

By: frank brown on 10/14/09 at 2:57


Real Frank is a good fellow with a tremedous sense of subtle humor. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from his own comments. What would life be for English Americans and other Americans who have adopted the name Frank Brown. I would guess that Frank Brown,Jim Smith and Joe Jones have to be symbols of American culture.

By: sidneyames on 10/14/09 at 4:17

Hey, I'm actually a Stroud and James Stroud is also a common name. I even found more than one sidney ames. Scarey! I guess there are more people than names, Frank!

By: real_frank_brown on 10/15/09 at 5:54

As I said, coward.

Give your name if you are not.

Thank you

By: thefinalsay on 10/15/09 at 11:56

Does sound pretty cowardly. My name is Davis Johnson, by the way.

By: A_Frank_Brown on 1/15/10 at 7:20


wow "_real" good to see you posting!