Attorney wants more time before execution date set

Monday, July 12, 2010 at 11:45pm

A few days after the state asked the Tennessee Supreme Court to set an execution date for convicted killer Edmund Zagorski, his attorney asked for more time to respond.

Zagorski’s attorney, Assistant Federal Public Defender Paul Bottei, filed an unopposed motion Monday before the state’s highest court to him allow 30 more days to file his own response to the state’s request.

The motion states that other cases as well as “various personal matters through the end of July” cause him to need more time to respond to the motion to set an execution date.

The current deadline for Zagorski’s response is set for July 16. Monday’s motion asked that the new date be Aug. 16, citing recent similar extensions in the execution cases of Billy Ray Irick, Gaile K. Owens and Stephen West.

A motion filed by state Attorney General Robert Cooper before the Supreme Court last Tuesday stated that the court had already affirmed his convictions and sentence on direct appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court has denied a review of the lower court rulings.

In 1984, a jury convicted Zagorski, 55, for shooting John Dotson and Jimmy Porter then slitting their throats during an April 1983 marijuana deal in a wooded area of Robertson County. He was later sentenced to death for both of the murders.

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By: BEOWULF on 7/13/10 at 12:48

BEOWULF: FINE! Let the attorney pay all the prisoner expenses from NOW until the day the scum DIES! Maybe Zagorski will get a feel for what the taxpayers have shelled out for the past 26 years. Bull Crap!