Bar recommends Jameson, Robinson for judgeships

Friday, February 17, 2012 at 1:23pm

The latest Nashville Bar Association poll shows high recommendation numbers for Mike Jameson and Phillip Robinson in the Davidson County judges primaries.

The poll revealed that roughly 49 percent of 1,062 NBA members “highly recommended” Jameson for a General Sessions seat. Jameson, a former Metro council member, was appointed by the council to replace Judge Leon Ruben as General Sessions judge in November 2011.  

Rachel Bell, an attorney at Bell & Kinslow PLLC, and defense attorney Jack Byrd only received a combined 139 “high recommendation” votes, compared to Jameson's 518.

Robinson received a 40.8 percent “high recommendation” compared to attorney Stanley Kweller's 16.6 percent.

Howard Gentry is running unopposed in the Davidson County Criminal Court clerk race and received 38.3 percent “high recommendations.”

NBA Executive Director Gigi Woodruff said, “The goal of doing the poll is to provide the media and the public with information. The purpose is twofold: (1) to encourage the selection of qualified judges and public officials in the judicial system and (2) to have attorneys who are likely to know these candidates, both personally and professionally, provide an opinion on their qualifications.”

The survey was conducted online.

Early voting in the races started on Feb. 15, and Election Day is March 6.

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3 Comments on this post:

By: govskeptic on 2/17/12 at 1:30

Unopposed Gentry only gets 38% favorable rating from the lawyers that
use that office. I'm surprised it's that high. Apparently slaps on the back
and complement from this Office Holder aren't enough!

By: Jughead on 2/17/12 at 2:43

I think the Bar picked the right candidates. I'm a conservative and disagree with Jameson's politics, but I truly believe he will be a good and impartial judge. Can't ask for more.

I don't know Robinson other than he seems to be a courteous professional. That's a great start.

By: cmarcus45 on 2/20/12 at 10:03

As a member of the Bar, I can say that I believe this poll was more about name recognition than anything else. I know Rachel Bell. She and I are on different ends of the political spectrum, but I know her to be a fair, honest and decent person. No offense to the other candidates, but I hope Rachel wins.