BCS title game forces fairgrounds public hearing date change

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 5:22pm

College football’s Bowl Championship Series title game between Auburn and Oregon has forced the Metro Council to change the date of an upcoming public hearing on the future of the fairgrounds.

The joint committee hearing, organized by the council’s Budget and Finance, and Codes, Fair and Farmers Market committees, had originally been scheduled for Monday, Jan. 10.

But with college football fans expected to tune in for the sport’s biggest event that night, the council has changed the public hearing time and date to 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 13. The public hearing will take place in the council chambers inside the Metro Courthouse.

However, Budget and Finance Committee chair Megan Barry sent a letter late Wednesday indicating the time could change yet again.

Those wishing to speak at the hearing are to weigh in on two competing ordinances.

One bill, sponsored by nine council members, would keep the expo center and state fair at the fairgrounds property for another year, but would go ahead with the demolition of the racetrack to make way for a 40-acre park. The other, sponsored by Councilman Duane Dominy, would essentially keep the status quo at the fairgrounds.  

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By: bfra on 12/15/10 at 4:40

Karl, go fly a kite, somewhere, anywhere but Nashville. Leave the Fairgrounds alone and spend some of that taxpayer's money, you had planned for your hairbrained schemes, to upgrade the Fairgrounds.

By: dogmrb on 12/15/10 at 4:59

@bfra. Do you even live in Davidson County? The fairgrounds for the State Fair is fine but the race track can move on. Restore the area to a more general use that lots of folks, like kids' sports teams, could use.

By: karlwithak on 12/15/10 at 5:27

Dogmrb - What, you don't know that kids race ?

Not everyone likes soccer, just like not everyone likes racing. But Nashville has soccer fields, Baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a Sailboat marina all funded with Metro Tax Dollars...

And then we have a Race Track at the Fairgrounds that completely funds itself.
In case you've missed it, not one cent comes from the taxpayers for the Fairgrounds operations. It's completely self funded and has been for over 100 years.

We have kids that travel from all over the country just to race at the Nashville Fairgrounds. In the past couple of years there were families that traveled on a monthly basis from East Tn, Missouri, and even Texas just so the children could race Nashville.

There is a group of over 100 local kids who race go-karts and quarter midgets that dream of competing at the Fairgrounds. You should look into it, as well as checking out the over 110 local parks already in place for kids to play.

And last I checked, What sports teams use a corporate campus to play sports anyways ?

By: dwight14 on 12/15/10 at 5:40

hey dogmrb,dont be so selfish...you can have your cake and still have the racetrack...there is enough room to have a park,the fair/expo grounds and the track....gosh.he is willing to shell out millions to renovate,and was even gonna spend millions on hickory hollow (what a joke),so why not spend a fraction of it and dress up whats already paid for..seems to me you and others just want the track gone...well other people have their likes too...do some cleanup,landscaping,put in a walking track with a small park and it would look really nice...some people will not be happy till the track is gone....well,thats downright nasty...all of you need shirts that say----i dont play well with others... lmao... the track was there before anyone that lives in the neighborhood was even born..they knew it was there when they moved in...so dont go saying it should be tore down using that logic...that makes no sense...if you look at other tracks around the nation,some look really nice because of the lanscaping surrounding it...so the fairgrounds speedway could also..but not until the lease holders have security knowing if they spent the money they wouldnt have the rug jerked out from under them...no one would...heck if ya rent without knowing you might not stay long enough to see your improvements last a while,no one would shell out the cash for refurbishing...leave the track alone andd give the lease holder the ability to see all the books on where the money goes and the security that they will be there for several yrs and yes,they will spend the money to fix the place up to look nice...but the backroom bookkeeping has to go...no way it loses money...common sense will tell ya that...what it takes in should stay there except for the tax revenue it generates...if that was done it would be the nicest looking short track in the nation..its already the best in the nation.any driver thats ever drove on it will tell ya that...its known by folks all over this nation..will in fla on vacation,some store owners would tell us,nashville? thats one of the best short tracks in the world..we proudly just say yes and we're proud of it and they tell us they wish they had a better track close to them like it...

By: dwight14 on 12/15/10 at 5:43

please excuse my typos..i have trouble since my stroke but this isnt a classroom anyway lmao

By: left on 12/15/10 at 5:49

Quit wasting my tax money on things you and your friends are profiting on, MAYOR!

By: courier37027 on 12/16/10 at 12:30

Don't schedule this public meeting on WWE night.

By: jwd88 on 12/16/10 at 9:22

I understand and respect all of you guy's opinions... everyone has one, so, here's mine. I dont understand rescheduling the council meeting because of a football game... it seems to me that anybody interested in the fairgrounds property wound be there no matter whats on the television. thats what they make recorders for.

As for those who want a park instead of a racetrack... you guys must live close to the fairgrounds property. Theres plenty of parks all across nashville that are much better for family activities. Inner city parks always are a haven for crime or illicit activities. ask any law enforcement agency across the country and they will confirm. Personally I would take my family to a nicer state park, better scenery, and more activities available. At most any kind of park at the fairgrounds property will be nothing more than a glorified walking track for adults, not enough space there for attractions that kids would even want to come there. So be very careful what you ask for.

As for the fleamarket, expo centers, and the Tennessee State Fair, one year extention is not good enough. venders and renters of the expo buildings need something more solid to guarantee them that their shows will be there for years to come. This is the only way their business can profitable into the future. The bottom line is, that this facility does make money. The fact that previous administrations have taken from the general funds, is the main reason this place is loosing money. and yearly extentions only complicate matters for all venues at this facility.

As for the racetrack, I understand why you guys want it gone, Heck. If I didnt like cars, I wouldnt have moved next to a racetrack. If I didnt like the sound of freight trains rolling down the track at all hours of the night, I wouldnt move next to the railway. If I didnt like the constant roar of the interstate traffic, I wouldnt move next to one. If I didnt like traffic and noise from local factories, I wouldnt move next to them. If I didnt like the sound of jet planes I wouldnt move next to an airport. etc, etc.... I would imagine as with all constant noises you would learn to tolerate them and get used to them, and they would become less noticable. Wouldnt you agree? If you like your house, Stay there, If you like your neighborhood, stay there, if you like all of your neighbors, stay there and enjoy life. What I am saying is that people who move into existing environments, understand what they are getting into before they got there. They accepted this fact when They signed on the dotted line.

All this being said, I do agree with all of you guys, race cars are loud, but, they can be muffled to be quieter. The racetrack can be a lot less noticeable, if the proper sound insulation barriers are installed. A park can still be built, as there is, a lot of unused space there on the property. I am sure we can all agree that if these guidlines were met everybody would would be equally satisified. After all, the fairgrounds property has always been the best mixed use facility in the Middle Tennessee area. There's no need to split the baby in half. Lets quit throwing rocks at each other, and enjoy what we have, lets embrace it, restore it bigger and better, for all Nashvillians to be proud of for generations to come....

By: Rat on 12/16/10 at 9:36

What is more impotent a football game or City Business ? Please let me know...

By: Rat on 12/16/10 at 9:42

You all need to be at the County Court House on DEC 21 at 6pm for the council meeting. it is the first reading of the bill to get rid of the race track...


A resolution removing the members of the Metropolitan Board of Fair Commissioners.


An ordinance amending Chapter 2.78 of the Metropolitan Code to require the Board of Fair Commissioners of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County to hold a state fair on the fairgrounds property in 2011, to continue operating the expo center at the fairgrounds until a suitable relocation site has been identified, and to oversee the demolition of the existing racetrack facilities for use as a public park.

Please ware Red and lets show our City Council we want our Fairgrounds and race Track to stay...

By: racer84 on 12/16/10 at 9:41

In response to JWD88

I'm not sure you are aware, as many aren't since the media hasn't acknowledged it as of yet but the Overwhelming Majority of those that live closest to the Fairgrounds actually LOVE the racetrack, flea market and Fairgrounds as a whole.

I and 75 of our friends spent last Saturday going door to door and asking the neighbors where they stood on the issue and then just listening to the responses.

Of the 600 people we spoke with over 520 signed our petition in favor of keeping the racetrack !

Many were also members of the SNAP. The "no racetrack" crowd only appears to be larger in number because one of the 3 ringleaders is a former employee of the "Deanessean" and has a PR Machine otherwise known as the Mayors Office.

The "no racetrack" side is a bunch of "Generals" but no army standing behind them.

When the rest of Nashville wakes up to the point that Dean and His Office spent $500,000 on buying the tennessean and other media outlets to get the MCC approved and once again is spending tax payer dollars to FIGHT against the taxpayers with our own money you'll see some change.

Ask yourself this, With over 50,000 people in favor of the Fairgrounds not being developed and obviously being very vocal about it how is it possible that not one single letter to the editor of the Deanessean has been pro fairgrounds.

Thank you City Paper for being what a newspaper should be - Neutral.

Our message is getting out, join the red army at www.savemyfairgrounds.com
You can also sign our petition while you are there if you are in favor of keeping Nashville's history and making the Fairgrounds the showplace it could and should be. And that includes a park and community center for the neighbors. Not status quo.
Remove Metro's (rich reibeling) control and you will see the property FLOURISH !