Bill that would force Metro workers to live in-county advances

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 11:21am

A bill requiring new Metro hires to live in Davidson County passed first reading at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

The bill would require Metro workers to live in Davidson County or move in-county within 90 days. The legislation would not apply to workers already employed by Metro.

The bill’s sponsor, District 22 Councilman Eric Crafton, was not in attendance at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Crafton said previously that those who wish to enjoy the benefits of working for Metro should to live in Davidson County.

The issue has been broached during Metro Council budget hearings in recent weeks with various departments disclosing how many employees live outside Davidson County. Crafton estimated dozens of Metro workers already live in other counties.

Council defers property tax rate decision

Metro Council deferred a resolution approving the certified tax rate for property taxes in Davidson County. The CTR had been set by the state after Assessor George Rooker disclosed property values were up an average of 15 percent across Davidson County.

The resolution was deferred pending approval from the state board of equalization.

In response the certified rate of $4.69 was lowered to $4.10 per every $100 of a property’s value in the urban services district. In the general services district the rate was set at $3.56 per every $100 of a property’s value.

Mayor Karl Dean recommended a budget that included maintaining the CTR at the adjusted levels. Dean said the difficult economic times made it inappropriate to ask property owners to pay more taxes.

In 2006, Davidson County voters passed a law requiring voter approval to raise the CTR above its $4.69 level.

In each of the last four reappraisal years, the certified tax rate has been raised (by 63 cents in 1993, by 54 cents in 1997, by 91 cents in 2001 and by 67 cents in 2005).

May Town Center bill passes first reading

The bill providing the special zoning needed to bring May Town Center to rural Bells Bend passed first reading.

The zoning would allow developers to build a 600-acre, multi-use development.

The hotly debated issue will be up for a vote by the Planning Commission at its June 25 meeting.

2 Comments on this post:

By: starcruiser100 on 6/4/09 at 7:34

Crafton is mistaken by far. There are hundreds of Metro employees living outside the county and many of them are in the central office of Metro Schools. How can we believe that these people, who live and pay taxes outside the county and who send their own children to schools outside the District, how can we believe they have a vested interest in our children? Their interest is their paycheck.
The better solution would be to require Metro's leadership, regardless of the department, to live within the Metro area, even current employees.
Take a look at the high-paid IT employees of Metro Schools. Many of them live outside the county. How does that sit with the rest of you residents? It concerns me.

By: house_of_pain on 6/4/09 at 11:15

starcruiser100, as much as I would like to see less traffic from neighboring counties clogging the interstates, I would not support this.
It is not uncommon for people to do a job for the sole purpose of getting a paycheck.
I would never assume that anyone outside my family gives a d@mn about my child.
If my employer tried to tell me where to live, I would find another job PDQ.
Just sayin'...