Bob Welch, former Fleetwood Mac member, found dead in Nashville home

Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 5:44pm
Staff reports

Bob Welch, a former member of Fleetwood Mac, apparently took his own life inside his South Nashville home on Thursday.

Police were called to Welch’s home on West Oak Highland Drive at 12:18 Thursday afternoon, where Welch was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron.

Aaron said the matter was being investigated as a suicide and there is no indication of foul play. The police were also told that Welch, 66, suffered from health issues recently.

According to a biography on Fleetwood Mac’s website, Welch joined an early version of the band in the early 1970s before leaving in 1975 to form the band Paris.

Welch also had a solo career in the late ’70s, which produced singles such as “Ebony Eyes,” “Precious Love” and “Sentimental Lady.”

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By: dargent7 on 6/7/12 at 5:16

Welch was an original founding father of the Mac.
Before Nicks and Buckingham, Kristine McVie.
Listen to Green Trees, and the albums, "Then Play On', and "Kiln House".
Blows away the commercial Fleedwood Mac.

By: Rasputin72 on 6/7/12 at 5:42

Fleetwood Mac was a wonderful part of my immortal years. So long and thanks Bob Welch.

By: Ummm... on 6/8/12 at 5:21

d7- I tried posting this once before, so forgive me if it shows up twice (as things seem to do here occasionally). Bob Welch wasn't a "founding" member of Fleetwood Mac (they formed in 1967, he joined in 1971), but he was a part of some of their best work, for sure. Also, I think you must have meant "Bare Trees," not "Green Trees."

By: Jughead on 6/8/12 at 11:27

I found his music boring. Give me Motown or Memphis from that era, not crappy pop.

By: Ummm... on 6/8/12 at 11:29

Nice, Jughead. Insult a guy who just died.

By: dargent7 on 6/8/12 at 2:54

Bare're right. I never liked the song.
What's come out is he had spinal surgery 3 months ago and it didn't turn out too good. His dad died an invalid, and he didn't want to repeat it.
He also wasn't included in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with all the othe Mac people.
He said, "That hurt alot".
1+1=2, I guess.

By: fightcrib on 6/11/12 at 2:50

Lindsey Buckingham is better. so is stevie nicks. at least we still have them.